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Reviews of the Top 10 UK Online Auction Sites of 2024

Welcome to our reviews of the Best UK Online Auction Sites of 2024. Check out our top 10 list below and follow our links to read our full in-depth review of each uk online auction site, alongside which you'll find costs and features lists, user reviews and videos to help you make the right choice.

eBay UK image
“Clean out that attic, go on. You’ve been promising you’d do it for months now, maybe even years. Found that old record player? How about that collection of stamps and stuffed animals? Sure, you’re going to be using them any time now. Of course, it’s always useful, never goes out of fashion.” Whether you’ve got hoards of trinkets or a handful of treasures, everyone...

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Etsy Auctions image
If you’re new to buying and selling online, then you’ll be looking for an easy-use website with plenty of features. Well, although it might not be the most attractive website around, etsy.com offers you a simple and effective solution to buying and selling goods online. With the ability to set up a shop and sell multiple duplicate items, as well as leaving feedback option...

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Bonanza UK image
Need something unusual for the home? Want to stand out in a crowd? Bonanza is an auction site like no other: it focuses on quirky and unique items, as well as the more standard fare. That makes it a useful space for finding special items for birthdays, anniversaries or just general shenanigans. The site produces handpicked lists of items to give it a more personal...

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eBid UK image
If you’re looking for an auction site which allows you to sell within the UK, but you don’t have bags of money and you want plenty of selling options, eBid UK might be the website for you. There are free options in place, or you choose one of several paid choices. For a full understanding of the differences between the various packages, we’d recommend...

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Cqout image
Cqout has been going since December 1999 (do you think they were worried about the dreaded Millennium Bug?) and has been going steadily ever since. Their aim is to help you to “seek out” (C – Q – out) a bargain or to help you sell your items through a trusted online platform. You can choose to sell in over 80 countries, making it...

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eCrater image
What do you think of when someone says the word “crater”? A hole, perhaps, or meteor impacts? Well we assume that eCrater.co.uk take their name from large wooden boxes (crates, get it?) but are they any good or would you be better off burying your items in a hole in the ground? This auction site functions like many others. You can set up a...

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MadBid image
MadBid is an auction website which might appeal to you if you’re looking for a great deal on top brands in the UK. It prides itself on offering warehouse and manufacturer stock, cutting out the need and cost of sales floors and staff. As such, you can pick up some great bargains, although there are a few concerns which need to be addressed. Let’s...

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Well Bid image
Everyone loves a bargain, right? Who doesn’t like to pick up something for a fraction of the retail price and brag to their friends? Nobody, that’s who. If you’re the sort of person who loves to grab a deal, or if you’re looking for a high end product but can’t afford the tag price, WellBid could be the auction site for you. All of...

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121Bid image
Got a bit too much clutter around the place? Want to sell some of it, or maybe even buy a new trinket? 121Bid.com offers an easy-to-use auction system, but there are a few flaws which make it a lesser choice over its competitors. Primarily when it comes to online auctioning you’re probably most concerned about 2 things: will it sell, and is it secure?...

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Copart image
Getting tired of that old motor? Need to make a bit of cash and there’s a car sitting unused on the driveway? Copart might be your saviour. This is an auctioning website for anyone who wishes to buy or sell a vehicle. And it doesn’t end with cars, no siree. You can buy boats, farm vehicles, industry vehicles and more. Let’s take a look...

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Latest User Reviews

eBay UK image
Thieves and liers. Buy Only
User Review of eBay UK by Treejon on 23 September 2023

As a site for shopping ebay is difficult to find better, convienient and easy for buyers. Selling a few items as a private individual is NOT reccomended, there are lots of scammers waiting to pounce on the inexpert seller including... (Read the full review)

MadBid image
User Review of MadBid by Sam on 13 February 2022

They do not check if items are broke and sell mostly damaged merchandise

Copart image
Not very honest lots of hidden information and costs
User Review of Copart by Leo on 07 December 2021

The big problem with Copart is that they restrict access to vehicles but will not give you any information about the vehicle sold. Their photographs are not clear and they hide the registrations of vehicle so you can not do... (Read the full review)

eBid UK image
Ebid.net is scam, rip off company - avoid at all cost
User Review of eBid UK by Wallmart Win on 11 December 2017

This is total scam, criminal company - after Paid for Seller lifetime membership - them suspended my account 3 days ago without any explanation and refund - only received a vague e-mail say: "you account dont accepted" ? Until today... (Read the full review)