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MadBid is an auction website which might appeal to you if you’re looking for a great deal on top brands in the UK. It prides itself on offering warehouse and manufacturer stock, cutting out the need and cost of sales floors and staff. As such, you can pick up some great bargains, although there are a few concerns which need to be addressed.

Let’s get those concerns out of the way and move on swiftly so you can decide for yourself whether or not to give MadBid.com a try. There have been a number of complaints that money has been taken from bank accounts (for credits, which are used to enter auctions) without it being made fully clear that this was going to happen. Whilst this could happen on any such auction site, we did find several unhappy consumers who felt they had been mislead. We’d recommend making sure that you’re happy with the terms and conditions put forward by the website, and if you feel these have been broken, then you can take things further. That considered, this is a fairly popular website, so we don’t expect such problems to be a mainstream issue. 

Secondly, we were discouraged by the sign up system in place. You need to include your personal mobile phone number when signing up, and a password is then sent to your phone, which is used to verify your account. This seems unnecessarily intrusive. If you were selling an item and they needed to make sure you were genuine, asking for a mobile number might make sense, but why do they need it if you’re just looking around the site? Our concern is that they might use these numbers to send you unwanted information on sales and discounts. 

Okay so those are the cons done with. What are the pros of using this site? In particular we were impressed with the price at which some of the items sold. Top products were going for a fraction of their retail value, which makes for a wise investment even if you plan on selling an item after you receive it. The reason these items are so cheap is that they come direct from manufacturers and warehouses rather than from individuals who have already shelled out the full cost themselves. As such, all items are new and come in original packaging with the standard warranty attached, so there’s nothing to lose in that sense.

Mad Bid calls itself the “No 1 Fun Shopping Site” and it has appeared in numerous publications including The Sunday Times, Sunday Mirror, The Guardian and The Observer. This stands it in good stead. If you’re looking to sell goods as a manufacturer you’ll need to contact the administrative staff, although finding their details will be a bit of a chore. Meanwhile if you’re looking to sell off one or two of your unwanted birthday presents, this is not the website for you. You can get a good bargain on this website but we do recommend carefully checking the safety and security measures in place, plus you’ll have to settle on the fact that your mobile number is required to register.

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