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Got a bit too much clutter around the place? Want to sell some of it, or maybe even buy a new trinket? 121bid.com offers an easy-to-use auction system, but there are a few flaws which make it a lesser choice over its competitors.

Primarily when it comes to online auctioning you’re probably most concerned about 2 things: will it sell, and is it secure? Well, sadly, these two elements are where 121 Bid falls down. This isn’t a particularly popular site, meaning that you’ll have fewer people passing through it and looking at your items. That considered, if you’re looking to buy then you’ll have less competition, so there’s a silver lining to this cloud.

However, when it came to privacy and security we were less assured. We couldn’t find any information about how your information is protected, other than a privacy policy which is just a few sentences long. It’s essentially up to you to make sure you don’t give out any personal information. Also we were a little unnerved by the fact that you have to include your phone number in your registration details. This seems unnecessary really and you can simply enter a false number anyway since it’s not used to let you complete registration.

There are quite a few categories to choose from when buying and selling, including Art, Books, Coins, Computing, Jewellery, Services, Stamps, Travel and more. You can sell wholesale items. You can also set up a store or visit a store, adding the best of them to your list of favourites to visit in the future. When setting up a store, you can include a logo and a little information on what you sell, and each item can include a diagram or image plus various information. 

If you want to contact a seller or buyer, you can do this using a private inbox. This is a good way of communicating as it means you don’t need to hand out your personal email address. As a member  you can check your messages and keep up to date on how your bids and sales are progressing. This is easy to use and follow, making for a streamlined system. Each member also has a “reputation” which is decided by others they have dealt with in the past, giving a good idea of whether someone is reliable in paying on time and delivering what was promised. You can even leave comments on a profile to recommend or warn against another member. 

If you want to buy something but can’t find it on the site, you can place a free wanted ad. In fact all ads are free, and this is the big attraction of 121Bid.com, all adverts and purchases are free to make. If you become a seller there is a £2 verification fee, which is very cheap indeed. However, it still doesn’t offer amazing value for money simply because you are less likely to sell your items here than on other online auction websites. 

121Bid is a cheap auction site, however you might not be all that successful in selling a product. There’s potential for getting a bargain here though if you’re looking to buy, but we are not satisfied with the security measures offered, particularly in comparison to some of the major auction sites in the UK. Take a look for yourself and you can make up your own mind.

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